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Last Chance? Gold’s Correction Likely Presents a Buying Opportunity

After a declining US $42 Friday at US $1764, on Sunday approximately 24,000 gold futures contracts with a notional value of approximately US $4 billion were sold in what was predictably a very thin market, filling every bid down to US $1677 and, in doing so, gold’s price reached last March and April’s double bottom

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Déjà vu? The Coming Gold Stock Bull Market looks familiar to me

Written By Neil Maedel During the 1990’s the Author’s Zurich Switzerland-based ProTrader Newsletter identified some of the sector’s most successful exploration and development stocks while chronicling the resource bull market .   The Coming Gold Stock Bull Market If ever there was a time to invest in the gold sector it is now. The 1990’s

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The pandemic is rolling around the world like a hurricane, leaving devastated economies in its wake.

Written by Neil Maedel, Mountains of debt and the leverage that goes with it can make economic life increasingly precarious.  Last April’s short-lived rise in America’s benchmark Fed Fund’s rate (to 2.4%) on the tail end of a year of quantitative tightening, was enough to send stock markets’ plunging globally, and in response, America’s Federal

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